Yotta Green: Smart About Homes Solutions

Yotta is the first-of-its-kind smart home system that enhances energy efficiency and comfort and provides safety services based on household behavior.

Yotta's unique system

and Reacts

Yotta's proprietary breakthrough technologies monitor and measure household power consumption and learn consumer usage patterns.
Once the system understands the behavioral patterns of the household, it transforms abnormal electrical behavior into useful insights and reacts appropriately: for instance, alerting the consumers to potential energy waste or electrical hazards or fires; turning off lights and appliances that are not in use, or even lowering blinds before an upcoming storm.
These services are provided through a user-friendly smart phone app as well as touch and gesture activation devices that allow for maximum convenience and comfort.

In wall electricity devices

Yotta’s in wall touch and gesture controlled electricity devices look like conventional sockets and switches, and communicate with each other through a wireless mesh network.


Power Outlet
Power Outlet

Up to 16A 220VAC; local and remote controlled outlet.

Light Swith
Light Switch

Local and remote controlled switch for all types of light bulbs, including dimming for dimmable bulbs. 


Shutter Switch

Local and remote controlled switch for shutters and shades. 

Water Heater
Water Heater Switch

Local and remote controlled switch for water heaters and other high power appliances.

All products incorporate the smart features and functions of Yotta technology, 
including scenarios, timers, and schedules.

Yotta’s sophisticated and user-friendly application enables personalization and operation of the smart system, receipt of alerts and ongoing remote control.

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